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Heart Rate Zone Calculator

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The Heart Rate Zone Calculator provides personal heart rate tables based on three (3) widely accepted methods. Each one of these methods has pro’s and con’s. Each one is used by various aerobic exercise programs.

The heart rate calculator does not recommend one method over the other, but allows you to compute your tables for each of the three methods. All of the interfaces in the Heart Rate Zone Calculator work in both landscape and portrait modes.

The Heart Rate Zone Calculator is not a heart rate monitor. It provides additional reference data only.

The first method presented is the American Heart Association Age/Gender Method.

The second method presented is the Karvonen Method. The Karvonen method is a modified version of the established age tables that takes into consideration your starting resting heart rate. Enter the two required heart rates and the application displays the resulting Karvonen heart rate table.

The third method presented is the LTHR (Lactate Threshold Heart Rate) method. The LTHR method works off of your actual lactate threshold, rather than a computed or approximated maximum heart rate. The help page for the LTHR Method has a work profile to help you measure your true Lactate Threshold Heart Rate under the guidance of a fitness professional.

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Heart Rate Zone Calculator
Heart Rate Zone Calculator
Heart Rate Zone Calculator

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