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For business travelers, tourists, students or ex-pats in China. FREE App. Learn Mandarin tones & perfect pronunciation.

Compare your speech to professional broadcasters, switch between authentic English & Chinese voices and control speech speed to master difficult to learn tones. Includes cultural tips and explanations of customs to avoid embarrassing mistakes and endear you to the Chinese.

This FREE app is a sampling of Parrot Learning’s Apps that will help you conduct business, negotiate purchases, order dinner, travel easily, experience fully the rich Chinese culture, even develop meaningful relationships with Chinese women or men.

Our products have received outstanding reviews from Asian Week, Epoch Times, USA Travel, SPLASH magazines, Travel-Planner Radio and Amateurtravel.com.

“Especially useful for English speakers trying to grasp the tonality differences of Chinese” Asian Week

“Incredibly comprehensive" Trekarro.com

“Stands out from the rest due to its uniqueness” Epoch Times
“Like having a teacher right there saying the phrases” USA Travel

“An extraordinary product” TravelTalk Radio

“Excellent recording” SPLASH Magazine

“Unique content not found elsewhere” Travel Planner Radio

Parrot Learning Apps with over 12,000 sentences and words are organized by topic ranging from Travel & Sightseeing to Dining, Entertainment, Shopping, Expressing Emotions, Emergencies, Business and Social Situations plus a 1700 word English-Chinese Dictionary.

A convenient complement to classroom, on-line and computer courses, Parrot Learning’s “Point & Listen” technology lets you learn and practice speaking anytime anywhere.
Chinese learners often struggle with the multiple tones of Mandarin. Highly effective for mastering proper pronunciation and tone, you control the speech speed from slow to conversational pace while easily switching between Mandarin and English. You can even record, hear and compare your pronunciation to authentic Chinese and English voices.

Parrot Learning Apps give you convenient, intuitive tools to communicate in real life situations with excellent pronunciation and conversational confidence. It’s like having easy access to your own tutor whenever you want.
- Listen to authentic voice recordings to perfect pronunciation.
- Replay phrases and slow speech speed to hear important nuances in tone
- Easily switch between Mandarin and English
- Practice, record and compare your pronunciation to Chinese & English professional broadcasters

Getting Started: Android OS version 2.23 or above is required to run Parrot Learning Apps. Select the corresponding version of our App to your Android OS.

Parrot Learning offers Apps organized in chapters around daily situations from Travel Essentials to Sightseeing, Dining & Eating, Shopping, Entertainment, Dating, Socializing and Expressing Emotions. Prices vary from $1.99 to $3.99.

There is an audio pen for those who want to learn from easy to carry books. Point our Speech Pen to words and phrases in our Talking Books & Chinese-English Dictionary to hear clear, authentic Mandarin and English. For information on this effective complement to computer and traditional language programs, visit www.parrotlearning.com. To purchase, visit our USA reseller globallearningstore.com or Amazon.

Should you have any problem with our Apps, please e-mail support@parrotlearning.com. We value your opinion and business and will reply quickly. We also welcome your suggestions for improvements.

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