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Greest: The Halloween Ghost

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2.2 o più recente
1.000 - 5.000

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Greest is an Arcade game where you play as a ghost trying to get some candy in Halloween.

He carries a pumpkin-shaped basket to store his delicious items and your mission is to help Greest get as many candy, chocolates and lollipops as possible to get the highest score. Just beware of spiders and frankenboks that will try to scare you until you loose.

- Candies are worth 10 points.
- Lollipops give you 30 points.
- Chocolates have 60 points.
- The special pumpkin basket (if you find it) will give you 350 points!

As you collect more items you're multiplier will raise more and more and each item will be worth 2x or even 10x it's original point value.

** Some tips you should know: **

- Get another heart container to last longer after 5000, 20000 and 80000 points of score.

- Beware of Spiders, they will take one heart and drop your multiplier back to 1!

- Try to jump as high as possible to get the candy, apparently you get more points if you get them before they reach the ground.

- The Frankenboks have a rather strong head, we heard a rumor that if you land on his head something good will happen to help you get more points.

- Things will get faster as you play longer, so be very careful and think fast.

Schermate dell'applicazione

Greest: The Halloween Ghost
Greest: The Halloween Ghost
Greest: The Halloween Ghost
Greest: The Halloween Ghost


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