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Intelligent Keylock Unlocker

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If enabled, the Intelligent Keylock Unlocker unlocks your lock screen automatically if the proximity sensor does not register any object closer than a few centimeters to it.

In that way, you don't need to disable the lock screen any more and don't need to worry about that your phone could be unlocked while it's in your pocket at once!

Please notice!
a) This app may stress the battery on some (few) devices due to technical (firmware-related) reasons. As this app is free, please, don't be rigorous if that's the case!
b) If you are using your lockscreen e.g. in order to disable alarms, you should be careful when using this application ;) because the lockscreen might be disabled even in that case.


It is well programmed and does not drain the battery in any way. However, it may stress the battery on some (few) devices due to technical (firmware-related) reasons. Unfortunately, many devices behave very differently.
In principle, the application should work on almost every phone and with almost every lock screen application. Let me know if it does not.
A few last words: The App2SD-mode is intentionally deactivated, because it would not work that way (referring to the Android SDK Documents).


This application is free. Since I spend much time on developing such applications, I appreciate every financial support for my projects, particularly because I spend much time on replying your emails. More details can be found on my website (see the link below).

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Intelligent Keylock Unlocker
Intelligent Keylock Unlocker

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