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Android Toolbox

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Toolbox Android can manage and kill processes, keep track of installed applications and also to eliminate them, manage your wireless connections, etc..

- Process Manager (Process Manager)

With "Process Manager" you can view and manage running processes on your system Android. You can kill processes you select, the style of "Task Killer". Also "Process Manager" stores these processes to avoid having to redial.
With "Process Manager" integrates a widget with which you have direct access to the "Task Killer" killing processes that have previously memorized.

- Application Manager (Application Manager)

With "Application Manager" you can browse / manage applications installed on your system. Through the preferences menu you can set the sort order (by size or alphabetically).
Application Manager will inform you if the application is installed on the SD card.
Finally you will be able to uninstall the application you choose or manage the cache or data.

- Wireless Network Manager (Wireless Manager)

With "Wireless Manager" you will see what is available networks around you, besides being able to connect to it, if you set it previously.

- Wifi Signal Locator (Wireless Survey)

You can find the best point where to place your pc / antenna

- Network Manager

Module to configure / manage different network profiles. If you've ever needed to change the IP address of your android device you will have bought what is tedious, especially if the changes are frequent. With this module you only have to configure the profile once and will be recorded and later to activate your whim.

- Module for quick adjustments

In this module you can enable / disable traffic data, you can activate the bluetooth and make it visible in one touch, you can adjust the various volume levels, etc..

- Cache Cleaner

Clear the cache of your applications

- Move to SD (Move2SD)

Move apps to SD memory

keywords: go, free, tools, toolbox, android, task, manager, process, kill, wireless, wifi, survey

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Android Toolbox
Android Toolbox
Android Toolbox
Android Toolbox
Android Toolbox
Android Toolbox
Android Toolbox
Android Toolbox

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