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Deaf - Hearing chat device D

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This is a very popular complex with speech to text translation for communication between deaf and hearing people, which gives new abilities for full communication.
The complex consists of two android devices (phones or tablets), linked via Bluetooth.
Install the “Deaf-Hearing Chat Device-D” application on the first device (which will be used by a deaf person).
Install the “Deaf-Hearing Chat Device-H” application on the second device (which will be used by a hearing person).
Run the applications on both devices and link the devices via Bluetooth.
A hearing person speaks into the phone, the application transforms the speech into a text message and sends it to the Device-D (used by a deaf person). You can also exchange text messages between the devices.
The complex is very convenient for regular communication in families with a deaf family member. Each message is followed by vibration, so you can always call a deaf person, address him / her.
The complex may also be used by a deaf person to communicate with hearing people in a shop, a hospital, a bank, etc. In this case, a deaf person should have both devices with him / her and pass a device with a pre-installed “Device-H” application to a hearing manager or consultant to start communication at any time.

The application for the device-D, called Deaf-Hearing Chat Device D, enables a deaf person to type text messages on a virtual keyboard and to send them to the device-H (the button “Send”). Each sent message can be duplicated by the synthetic speech (the button “Speak and Send”). For the synthetic speech a speech synthesis module should be installed on the device (usually it’s installed; if it’s not it can be downloaded from Google Play, e.g. SVOX classic TTS or Pico TTS). The messages, received from the device-H, are shown on the display.

Please purchase this application only after testing the free trial version, so that you know exactly what you pay for. "Deaf - Hearing chat."D"-trial. The trial version contains 15 messages.

Buying applications for the complex you’re contributing to rehabilitation of the deaf and helping them to adapt to the modern world of hearing people.

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Deaf - Hearing chat device D
Deaf - Hearing chat device D
Deaf - Hearing chat device D


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