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With this unique tracker software you can locate people, vessels and vehicles.
Just switch on this app and you will be able to obtain the location of the phone from anywhere in the world!

The smart thing about this tracker is that it saves you HALF THE COST compared to other tracking Apps!
The reason is that you don't have to send an SMS to your phone in order for it to return an SMS with its position.

All you need to do is to pre-program up to at maximum 3 (fixed or mobile) numbers that are allowed to call your phone and obtain its position. If anyone calls your mobile phone this software will immediately check whether it is permitted to return an SMS with position information. The calling party should always hang up after a couple of rings.
Your mobile phone will recognises this as a missed call and send an SMS with its position to the calling number, provided it matches one of the three numbers in the list.
The SMS will contain the following information: Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed, Bearing, Date and Time.

If on the contrary, you answer the incoming call within 15 seconds then no SMS will be sent.

In conclusion: polling the position of your phone will cost you nothing. Neat trick!

It is also possible to allow the software to send an SMS with position information to any caller! In that case you should enter the word "ANY" or "ALL" in one (or all three) number fields.

You can also send an SMS with position information manually to one of the three numbers by pressing the small buttons to the right of each number entry field.

Please note that this software will switch off your mobile phone's ringer and vibrator as long as it is running.
So please don't forget to press the "STOP" button which should restore your phones normal ringer state.

This software was made by:
DSH electronics
The Netherlands

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