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RPG "Majimon" monster training game that combines RPG + training + social game

RPG application development play now surpassed 15 million downloads Sumahoapuri, RPG type monster social development? [Hangame] does not require registration.

Foster! Collect monsters! Social RPG that! Battle
? ★ ★ ★ RPG Majimon training monster appeared! ★ ★ ★?
Let's play with my friends in the RPG "Majimon Development" monster!
Fight with the "monster" in the parallel world,
Social RPG is finally here!
? Players belong to the camp of either light or darkness,
I summoned to fight? "Monster" in the modern stage of another world.
? "Dragon" reign at the top of the monster.
? Unravel the mystery, the "revolution in the world" in your hands!

★ Get the material will collect monsters? With mission,
Changes to be summoned monsters used to summon me? Monster IKEBANAS to shop? With summons by the "pot"!

★ attempt to foster a monster!
? Monster got level by combining UP!
? It level rises, we wake up to the power of the monster,
I remember the skills. ?
Now it is time to develop your favorite monsters!

★ organize your favorite team in the monster!
? Organized team, the player's chance to show off. ?
Only you will create a team of more than a monster from the skill of more than 100 body 300!

★ gather magic materials, will equip the magic?
Monsters have gathered,
Collect the pieces of magic in the mission?
Fragments can be deprived in the battle? Magic Once you have collected, completed? Magic the missing piece of the magic items is important battle ultra monster as well,
Join the fight myself to get the magic!

★ Make a fellow
You can also play against a real thrill to collaborate with colleagues in the social gaming RPG "Majimon Development" monster!
Attempt to develop more and more monsters together!

? ======== ======== Monsters of this world
? Player performs a call to battle monsters in combat. ? Now fight to collect the material, with various skills that create monsters with us? Monsters.
:? Monster five attributes belong to one of the wind, earth, fire, water, lightning.
? I will power up in combat if monsters are good attributes of the player.
:? Status LV ... level.
We will level up by accumulating experience.
? Degree RARE ... rare.
It is a rare and strong monsters higher the star. ?
LIFE ... Life.
Strength of the monster.
It temporarily disabled combat becomes 0. ?
TURN ... turn.
It is the number of turns it takes to call first appeared.
Skills: various defensive and special abilities are present from offensive skills?
? Skill power has been set to the skill, is enhanced with level up.

? ======== ======== Magic in this world (magic)
? It is a tool that has a special effect that players will use in combat. ?
Material or damage directly,
Magic with a variety of effects? Until reinforces the monster exists.
• There are levels and effects in the same way as the monster magic also.
By all means, please enjoy!

Hangame familiar with, such as puzzles, "looking" word "skeleton" word "nervous breakdown" "put ball" "Darts" "Pikuroji" to other popular games, free online games,
While a lot of the popular classic game! Please look for the app to search for "Hangame" in the market, to fit your own!

■ Twitter official Majimon is here

※ including the popular smartphone game? Majimon, and a bit more land, and Hangame Dragon Nest, a bit more land, Erugado, Monster Hunter Frontier Online Egg run on a PC,
It is a free online game community to play a title registration fee and Erusodo super popular.

Free RPG [genre]?, RPG development, social RPG, casual games, training games, free games, monster, social games, online games

? "NAVER neighbor" "LINE" "livedoor" NHN] [app-related

■? Http://info.hangame.co.jp/gamedata/s/joga.nhn?svcid=O_QYCS basic game information
■ Policy? Http://support.touch.hangame.co.jp/agree/salespolicy.nhn sales management

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