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이별터널 이별터널
1.3 USD 0,99
0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
매력녀 보보, 러브센스의 작가 ‘얌전한 고양이’의 작품으로 이별을 치유하는 과정을 터널의 시작과 끝으로 비유한 작품입니다. 이런 분들에게 권합니다. - 이제 막 연인과 이별해 눈앞이 터널처럼 캄캄하신 분 - 사랑을 경험했던 모든 분 (...)
Surah Waqiah Nice Recitation Surah Waqiah Nice Recitation
1.8 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
441 Valutazioni
“SURAH WAQIAH” Surah Al-Waqiah is a free Islamic application for Android devices with nice recitation by Qari Abdul Basit Abdul Samad and English, Urdu Translation. This app is a (...)
大伯公万字图 大伯公万字图
sjyf dreams
1.04 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
71 Valutazioni
大伯公万字图 (4d dictionary , dua pek kong 4D ) , 俗称梦册,为你解答梦的理解及一些说明。希望能为你从中带来幸运之财/中大奖。又称: 梦册梦码 , 梦册上册 帮助寻找幸运号码,通用于: - 万能 Magnum 4D - 大马彩 (...)
Holy Rosary Audio And Text Holy Rosary Audio And Text
3.0.11 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
314 Valutazioni
 The rose is the queen of flowers, and so the Rosary is the rose of all devotions and Rosary prayer is therefore the most important one. The Holy Rosary is considered a perfect prayer (...)
Ogni giorno due Ogni giorno due
Naeem akhtar
1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
In nome di Allah, il più caritatevole, più misericordioso. Quotidiano Dua è quei Dua che Santo Profeta Muhammad (SAW) ci ha raccontato. E può essere recitato in varie circostanze (...)
唐诗三百首(注释/赏析) 唐诗三百首(注释/赏析)
1.0.4 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
28 Valutazioni
唐诗三百首 1.诗歌赏析:每一首都有详细赏析。 2.全文搜索:可通过作者、标题、诗句搜索 3.全文搜索:可以搜索标题和内容。 (...)
Islamic Kalmas 3D - Free Islamic Kalmas 3D - Free
DWS - Best, Free and Fun Games for Everyone
1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
This app contains all the 6 Kalma of Islam in a very interactive and visually stunning 3D environment. The 3D environment in this app is like something you've never seen before in any (...)
Hindi Story Collection Hindi Story Collection
Acruti Apps
2.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
393 Valutazioni
Hindi Kahaniya app contains more than 50 stories from well known Hindi authors such as Premchand, Harishankar Parsayi, Manto, Amrita Pritam, etc. We add new stories every week.
Libri Gratuiti - Wattpad Libri Gratuiti - Wattpad
gratuito 1.083 ×
18 Valutazioni
542.835 Valutazioni
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Wattpad Unisciti a milioni di persone che usano Wattpad - l'inesauribile libreria universale in crescita continua di storie e libri GRATUITI. CLASSIFICATO NELLE PRIME 5 (...)
Joyce Meyer Messages Joyce Meyer Messages
Tausi Applications
1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Joyce Meyer Messages is a collection of spiritual, motivational and inspirational quotes from Joyce Meyer. Features: -100's of messages -Easy to share via Whatsapp, Facebook, Mail, (...)
How To Be A Billionaire How To Be A Billionaire
1.0.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Being a billionaire takes more than a bunch of zeroes. The world of investments and capital is tumultuous and strange to most "regular folk," but that doesn't mean that there's a barrier (...)
Dizionario Inglese-Italiano Fr Dizionario Inglese-Italiano Fr
AK Development
1.0 gratuito 1 ×
0 Valutazioni
570 Valutazioni
Questo è un Dizionario Inglese-Italiano e Italiano-Inglese (English - Italian and Italian - English Dictionary), contenente 208000 articoli di traduzione. Il dizionario è OFFLINE e non (...)
Cambridge Discovery Readers Cambridge Discovery Readers
Cambridge Learning (Cambridge University Press)
1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
The Cambridge Discovery Education™ Interactive Readers are the next generation of reader apps to help you learn English with engaging topics, high-impact Discovery Education™ (...)
المرتجى المرتجى
1.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
23 Valutazioni
برنامج من المرتجى فيه الكثير المن المزايا التي توفرها لكم 1- اخبار لشيعه من جميع انحاء العالم 2-اخبار العتبات المقدسه والمشاريع التي تقيمها 3- حسينيات جديده وقديمه وغيرها 4- شعر حسيني (...)
Muslim Day - يوميات مسلم صائم Muslim Day - يوميات مسلم صائم
Victory Link USA
1.3 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
2 Valutazioni
This is a unique application that acts as a comprehensive tool for the Muslim during all the year and specially on the Holy Month of Ramadan and to always have handy throughout the (...)
Risuscitò Risuscitò
2.5.3 gratuito 1 ×
0 Valutazioni
754 Valutazioni
****************************************************************************************************** La raccolta dei canti del cammino Neocatecumenale in versione digitale sul tuo (...)
NetLube Total Australia NetLube Total Australia
Infomedia Ltd
1.0.162 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Net Lube™ is the online marketing solution used by the world’s leading lubricant suppliers to help sell their products to equipment owners and service workshops in the Asia Pacific (...)
Сектоведение Сектоведение
1.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Книга А. Л. Дворкина “Сектоведение” сразу приобрела статус базового учебника на Теологическом факультете при Уральском Государственном (...)
Cosmote Books Reader Cosmote Books Reader
2.7 gratuito 1 ×
0 Valutazioni
188 Valutazioni
Κατέβασε τώρα ΔΩΡΕΑΝ το CosmoteBooks, μια πρωτοποριακή εφαρμογή ανάγνωσης ηλεκτρονικών βιβλίων! Με το application CosmoteBooks, μπορείς να δεις τη συλλογή από 3.600 (...)
Minutos de Sabedoria Minutos de Sabedoria
3.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Minutos de Sabedoria é um aplicativo de auto ajuda que apresenta reflexões, pensamentos, conselhos curtos que auxiliam nas horas difíceis e, nos momentos leves, alegram e (...)
Ragam Tips Diet Ragam Tips Diet
Apri Lil86
1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Ragam Tips Diet di ciptakan untuk membantu anda yang ingin melakukan beberapa program diet secara sehat dan alami. Dengan bermacam-macam tips diet didalamnya akan (...)
La Ciudad de Los Libros La Ciudad de Los Libros
Programas Andromeda
1.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Si te gusta soñar y leer quédate aquí en esta ciudad, donde compartiré contigo mis opiniones sobre libros y películas. ¡Te espero! :)
How To Take Care Of Orchid How To Take Care Of Orchid
Ultimate Guide gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
How To Take Care Of Orchid is one of the most helpful apps, its the orchid dictionary. Make your own orchid thai paradise at your home! In How To Take Care Of Orchid you can find all (...)
The Companies Act 2013 & Rules The Companies Act 2013 & Rules
Priya Jain
1.2 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Install Thecompaniesact2013 app and take the advantage of day to day reference material available on this interactive and updated platform for finance professional, students, (...)
How To Dance Ballet How To Dance Ballet
Ultimate Guide gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
How To Dance: Ballet is a new dancing guide for people who love the ballet and classic music or want to learn ballet dancing! If you are fond of ballet and if you like ballet music and (...)
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