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Gallery Module Gallery Module
CS Form
Varies with device gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
6 Valutazioni
THIS IS DEMO APP, AND DOES NOTHING BY ITSELF...SOURCE CODE OF THIS APP IS ON CODECANYON. This Android Gallery module is created to save time for integration of (...)
Hella Global Hella Global
1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Aplicación oficial para los distribuidores HELLA GLOBAL. Información minuciosa del sector Aftermarket y otras herramientas de utilidad.
Death Note - Notepad Death Note - Notepad
2.8 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
2.589 Valutazioni
Ten tu propio cuaderno de muerte y escribe los nombres de las personas que quieres que desaparezcan, pero antes de comenzar es recomendable que leas las instrucciones de uso, (...)
Onavo Count Onavo Count
2.1.8-7 gratuito 14 ×
0 Valutazioni
162.879 Valutazioni
Onavo Count è una fantastica applicazione dotata di report intuitivi che ti aiuta a capire come usi i tuoi dati mobili. Inoltre, ti permette di confrontare la quantità di dati che usi in (...)
Svuota Cache Svuota Cache
3.21 gratuito 211 ×
5 Valutazioni
22.069 Valutazioni
"Svuota Cache" è uno strumento di compensazione veloce che ti aiuta a ripulire le cache e tracce. Dopo la pulizia di questi dati, il tuo sistema telefonico sarà effettivamente (...)
Maps for Minecraft PE Maps for Minecraft PE
Tom Bailey
6.1 gratuito 3 ×
0 Valutazioni
50.463 Valutazioni
Maps for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) allows you to download and try different maps for free! There over 100 different maps for you to try. Maps are downloaded and installed (...)
Calculator Without Equal Calculator Without Equal
1.1.4 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
6 Valutazioni
Calculator is a calculator without equal button, making your math operation more faster and more simpler. NO EQUAL As you type Calculator will gives you the answer instantly and (...)
VirusTotal Uploader VirusTotal Uploader
Vitaly Novitsky
2.2 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
130 Valutazioni
Uploads ANY file to VirusTotal and checks it for viruses against >40 scan engines.
Green Lantern Green Lantern
1.02 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
It works just like a regular flashlight. You tap the button and you turn it on, tap it again and it turns off. Use it in any ocassion; To search for fallen objects Read your favorite book at night (...)
EVE Industry Calculator EVE Industry Calculator
EXTER Software gratuito 1 ×
0 Valutazioni
323 Valutazioni
Calculate profits from manufacturing, refining, reactions, and planetary interaction in EVE Online (<a (...)
Last Jobs - Rio de Janeiro Last Jobs - Rio de Janeiro
4Each Softwares
1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Veja as ultimas vagas de emprego do Rio de Janeiro. Vagas atualizadas em tempo real.
2.5.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
11 Valutazioni
スマホでツクール・ウディタ・NScripterのフリーゲームを遊ぼう! 本アプリは、フリーゲームの投稿・配信SNSPLiCy(プリシー)に投稿されたゲームを Android端末で遊ぶ為の専用アプリです。 (...)
Task-2-Do Task-2-Do
1.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Task-2-Do: Erhöhen Sie Ihre Produktivität Task-2-Do ist eine einfache Möglichkeit, verwalten und teilen Sie Ihre To-do-Listen. Sie planen, ein Unternehmen zu gründen? Planen Sie (...)
Smart Phone Lock - Lock screen Smart Phone Lock - Lock screen
1.0.9 gratuito 8 ×
0 Valutazioni
206 Valutazioni
Are you worried about exposing your PIN and Pattern while you unlock your phone? Here comes Smart Phone Lock for the rescue. Smart Phone Lock will set the current phone time as (...)
LG Experience LG Experience
1.0.3 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Tout connaitre sur le téléphone LG G3 : * caractéristiques * atouts * comparaison avec les principaux téléphones du marché * ...
Ebay Costs Ebay Costs
Raffaele Salvatore Ranaulo
6.0 USD 0,95
0 ×
0 Valutazioni
2 Valutazioni
Questa App permette di : 1. Calcolare i costi sostenuti per vendere un oggetto su Ebay. 2. Calcolare i costi sostenuti per ricezione dei pagamenti con PayPal. 3. Calcolare il guadagno (...)
Conversion Plus Conversion Plus
1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Convert easily between cm, feet and inch.
BT-Switch BT-Switch
Smart Home Technology GmbH
1.0.3 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
1 Valutazione
Die Anwendung ist im Moment noch nicht offiziell gestartet. Es ist noch ein etwas Geduld nötig, bis ihr Erlebnis mit einer smarten Heimautomation beginnen kann. Das "BT-Switch" ist (...)
我就是要換主題 我就是要換主題
Tiger Huang
2.4.7 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
16.983 Valutazioni
LINE換主題正夯,想隨著心情更換你的主題包嗎? 將網友們製作的主題包放入記憶卡中,透過本程式就能隨意的更換了! 軟體教學:<a (...)
My Data Manager - Data Usage My Data Manager - Data Usage
Mobidia Technology
4.2.0 gratuito 14 ×
1 Valutazione
128.872 Valutazioni
Take control of your mobile data and save money on your mobile phone bill! “My Data Manager is an incredibly convenient tool” – CNET “My Data Manager ... is the best Android app (...)
Kyぱふゅすけ for Android Kyぱふゅすけ for Android
0.003 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Perfume のライブスケジュールやグッズを管理するアプリ。 ■主な機能 ・Perfume ライブ公演一覧・詳細表示  Perfume 5th Tour 2014「ぐるんぐるん」  Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd (...)
FB Password FB Password
1.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
32 Valutazioni
Password for Facebook. Protect your Facebook profile / account with this powerful app. Insert your 4 digits PIN Code at first time and protect your Facebook account for All people. (...)
Light Meter Pro Light Meter Pro
1.0.3 USD 1,36
0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
THIS IS THE AD-FREE VERSION OF LIGHT METER. Very handy tool for measuring Light Lux value by using device light sensor. (most probably it is installed behind the front (...)
System Tuner System Tuner
3.1.1 gratuito 42 ×
1 Valutazione
8.052 Valutazioni
A system suite to monitor and record all activities, backup and restore *any* applications, extended task killer, CPU SD and memory controls, logcat reader, terminal emulator, widgets (...)
Android Device Information Android Device Information
Jan Rabe
1.0.5 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
This is a demo application to the open-source device information library for android: <a (...)
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