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TOP giochi Android - Carte e casinò

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Hearts Hearts
1.14 gratuito 13 ×
0 Valutazioni
10.776 Valutazioni
Caratteristiche del gioco Hearts: - Computer estremamente impegnativi - Gioco per più giocatori online - Statistiche - Impostazioni fante di quadri - Impostazioni regole di passaggio - (...)
Slotsfree Casino Games Pokies Slotsfree Casino Games Pokies
Free Slots Lab
1.7 gratuito 1 ×
0 Valutazioni
129 Valutazioni
The Frankenstein Slotsfree (pokies) Casino game is heavily inspired by the classic film by Universal Pictures. Who have thought that Frankenstein one day would have his very own (...)
Fruit Slot Machine Fruit Slot Machine
Code S
2.22 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
516 Valutazioni
Come see for yourself Unlike slotomania or Slots Royale, Fruitacious Slot Machine for Android brings the very best user experience out of your Android smart phone. With the (...)
Solitario Solitario
Hallberg Ryman
1.0.7 gratuito 3 ×
0 Valutazioni
600 Valutazioni
Solitario è il classico gioco a sette colonne per un solo giocatore. Lo scopo del gioco consiste nel raccogliere tutte le carte in sequenze dall'asso al re, alternando semi di colore rosso e (...)
雀王會館 正宗香港麻雀(麻將) 雀王會館 正宗香港麻雀(麻將)
Recax Game
2.79 gratuito 2 ×
0 Valutazioni
14.097 Valutazioni
☆★☆★☆ ☆★☆★☆ ☆★☆★☆ ☆★☆★☆ ☆★☆★☆ 雀王會館﹣正宗十三張麻雀(麻將), Hong Kong Mahjong ☆★☆★☆ 連續一星期香港區 Google Play 遊戲總類 Top 1,長期香港 Google Play 撲克牌與賭博類 Top (...)
Texas Holdem:Poker Masters Texas Holdem:Poker Masters
PokerRoom Games
1.03 gratuito 1 ×
0 Valutazioni
2.167 Valutazioni
The newest, hottest poker game has arrived on Android! Texas Holdem: Poker Masters is the Vegas-style poker game that lets you play against millions of poker lovers around the (...)
Crazy True Skate Crazy True Skate
1.02 gratuito 3 ×
0 Valutazioni
3.798 Valutazioni
The most authentic skateboarding sim ever. As close as you can get to a real skate board with out getting a scraped knee. Note: Crazy True Skate comes with a single skate park and (...)
Win Win Slots Win Win Slots
Win Win Slots LLC
2.0.1 gratuito 1 ×
0 Valutazioni
989 Valutazioni
Win Win Slots - the best social casino for your Android device! High quality slots with true algorythms just like in Vegas! Our casino is absolutely FREE to download and we give a (...)
正宗台灣超級麻仔台 正宗台灣超級麻仔台
Auer Media & Entertainment
2 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
71 Valutazioni
Cribbage Cribbage
1.31 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
267 Valutazioni
Cribbage is a card game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cribbage YouTube(Flash version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lndh8-P1h2g How to play multiplayer games over Bluetooth (...)
Gipfelstürmer Berg Quartett Gipfelstürmer Berg Quartett
13.1 EUR 0,67
0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Die höchsten Berge der Welt in einem Quartett Kartenspiel (Online) Das Spiel wird mit 32 Karten gespielt. Der Computer bekommt 16 Karten und Sie erhalten 16 Karten aus dem (...)
Tiefsee Monster Quartett Tiefsee Monster Quartett
17.1 EUR 0,67
0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Das Tiefsee Quartett Kartenspiel (Online) Das Spiel wird mit 32 Karten gespielt. Der Computer bekommt 16 Karten und Sie erhalten 16 Karten aus dem Stapel. Das Spiel beginnt: Sie (...)
Backgammon Gold PREMIUM Backgammon Gold PREMIUM
mobivention apps
2.3.0 EUR 4,61
3 ×
0 Valutazioni
34 Valutazioni
Backgammon Gold - for beginners and professional players. Play against the computer or online with chat! Test the popular BGBlitz software, 100% fair dice rolls. *** NEW *** (...)
Texas HoldEm Poker LIVE - Free Texas HoldEm Poker LIVE - Free
MyWavia Studios Pvt. Ltd.
2.98 gratuito 2 ×
0 Valutazioni
909 Valutazioni
Play "Texas Hold'em Poker LIVE - Pro", the #1 top poker game on Andorid for FREE! Texas HoldEm Poker LIVE is the most authentic poker game to play with friends and millions of (...)
Длинные нарды Длинные нарды
Sergey Kaplun
1.3 gratuito 2 ×
0 Valutazioni
328 Valutazioni
Игра в длинные нарды. Есть возможность играть с ботом и вдвоем на одном телефоне/планшете. Пока поддерживается только портретный режим. Следите за (...)
Yirmibir! Yirmibir!
Sinan Özeray
0.3 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
75 Valutazioni
✔ Yirmibir! ( Blackjack! | Twenty-One! | 21 | Yirmi Bir) : Türkçe Yirmibir Kart Oyunu Simülasyonu ★★★★★ ShiftDelete.Net tarafından haftanın en iyi 2. Android oyunu olarak gösterildi. (...)
Fairway Solitaire (Full) Fairway Solitaire (Full)
Big Fish Games
2.11.1 EUR 0,73
9 ×
0 Valutazioni
2.127 Valutazioni
"È un fantastico gioco a enigmi!"- Penny Arcade "Uno dei più bei giochi mai creati..." e "...talmente diveertente che non si può non giocarlo!"- Bill Harris di dubiousquality.blogspot.com (...)
RVCards - Remote Viewing Cards RVCards - Remote Viewing Cards
Reinhold Kern
1.1.0 EUR 1,49
1 ×
0 Valutazioni
3 Valutazioni
This app allows you to test and train your remote viewing abilites. Through daily and focused practice your brain can access little by little unused areas and develop remote viewing (...)
Okey Plus Okey Plus
Peak Games
2.94 gratuito 15 ×
0 Valutazioni
171.444 Valutazioni
- Facebook ‘da 1.000.000 ‘dan fazla kişinin oynadığı Okey Plus şimdi Android ’te, hem de ücretsiz ! - 2, 3 ve 4 KİŞİLİK OYNANABİLEN FACEBOOK OKEYİ ile ARTIK BEKLEMEYE (...)
Poker Jet: Техасский Покер Poker Jet: Техасский Покер
Social Quantum Ltd
10.0 gratuito 4 ×
0 Valutazioni
18.926 Valutazioni
★★★★★ ПОПУЛЯРНЫЙ БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ ПОКЕР В ВАШЕМ ТЕЛЕФОНЕ НА РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ ★★★★★ Новичок вы или опытный азартный игрок - проверьте свою удачу в (...)
G4A: Go Fish! G4A: Go Fish!
1.8.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
273 Valutazioni
This app offers two variants of the classic 'Go Fish!' card game. The object of the game is to gather as many "books" as possible. A book consists of all four cards with the same rank. (...)
情趣骰子 情趣骰子
1.3.5 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
59 Valutazioni
HappyDice get you happy moment! Most lite app,multi-theme dice get you most happiest time! "Use HappyDice to decide who cook who watching TV..." Have a happy moment with (...)
星城Online-水球大戰 星城Online-水球大戰
2.44 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
222 Valutazioni
這次水球大戰不是用丟而是用充的! 充滿三次就會爆,顏色對了也會爆! 不斷連爆超爽快刺激的啦! BONUS GAME更是精彩萬分! 喜歡爆破刺激的你不可錯過! 特色功能: 擬真介面設計 連線大彩金 安全機制保障 社群互動機制 (...)
Five Reel Slot Machine Five Reel Slot Machine
Tidda Games
1.1.3 gratuito 1 ×
0 Valutazioni
69 Valutazioni
Five Reel Slot Machine is a simulated casino popular SLOT game, This version has five reels and 15 bet lines, you can bet up to 5 credits on each line; up to 75 credits can be bet in a (...)
Hardwood Solitaire IV (Free) Hardwood Solitaire IV (Free)
Silver Creek Entertainment gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
252 Valutazioni
★★★★★ "Love this game You've got to try it." -Debbie W Play a beautiful rendition of solitaire with Hardwood Solitaire IV (free)! ★ Great for Tablets too★ Specially designed for tablets (...)
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