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TOP giochi Android - Casual

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Tiger Live Wallpaper Tiger Live Wallpaper
4.0.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
218 Valutazioni
Tiger is a totally free,cube,live wallpaper. FREE LIVE WALLPAPER! This application is supported by ads! Need permissions! TO USE: Home -> Press MENU -> Wallpapers -> Live (...)
禁忌的戀情Ⅱ◆繁體中文版免費女性向乙女戀愛養成遊戲 禁忌的戀情Ⅱ◆繁體中文版免費女性向乙女戀愛養成遊戲
1.1.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
3.378 Valutazioni
禁忌的戀情Ⅱ◆繁體中文版免費女性向乙女戀愛養成遊戲 「禁忌的戀情Ⅱ~不被允許的兩個人」是免費的繁體中文版女性向乙女戀愛養成遊戲,述說著像言情小說、耽美小說、偶像劇般甜蜜浪漫的愛情故事。 (...)
Baby photos Baby photos
1.4.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
86 Valutazioni
This app is ideal for anyone who loves to add cutesy stuff to their photos. Whether you’re a professional web artist or a fledging greenhorn designer, designing pictures with the Baby (...)
JoJoo Puzzle JoJoo Puzzle
Right Fusion Inc.
1.0.7 USD 0,92
0 ×
0 Valutazioni
1 Valutazione
Jo and Joo offer you to play puzzle. Together with them, you will learn to collect puzzles ranging from 1 to 25 pieces. Collect pictures quickly and get more stars and points for that. The (...)
iPad 3 Shooter iPad 3 Shooter
1.8 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
334 Valutazioni
iPad 3 Shooter finalmente su Android! Miglior alleviare lo stress casuale azione. Metti alla prova le vostre abilità di tiro con questo gioco di tiro. Rilasciare la pressione sparando iPad 3 (...)
Unghie Decorate Unghie Decorate
Girls Apps
99.322 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
885 Valutazioni
Unghie Decorate - Manicure Gioco Un grande gioco per ragazze in cui è possibile fare una procedura completa di manicure. Decora le unghie con questo incredibile Unghie Decorate! (...)
Celebrity Hospital Celebrity Hospital
1.0.1 gratuito 2 ×
0 Valutazioni
10.905 Valutazioni
This is an amazing hospital. There is a celebrity doctor in the hospital. She can cure all kinds of patients. Come on! Let's start to help the patients.
Puppy in Snow Puppy in Snow
3.1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
33 Valutazioni
Puppy in Snow is a FREE LIVE WALLPAPER! TO USE: Home -> Press MENU -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Puppy in Snow Wallpaper We have put a lot of work into this app (...)
Slot Game Slot Game
0.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Slot Machine Game app Enjoy this Game!
BubbleBlasterGame BubbleBlasterGame
11.6 gratuito 2 ×
0 Valutazioni
692 Valutazioni
This is classic bubble shooter match three games that will surprise you. Your goal is to clear all the bubbles before they overflow the bottom line - yet amazingly fun and challenging! (...)
Jewels Box Jewels Box
1.0.2 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
135 Valutazioni
The casual match-3 hit is still addicting as ever! Try Jewels now! Jewels is a simple, yet quite polished and fun match-3 puzzle game. It's somewhat addictive, do try it out! Tap on two (...)
Ice Cream Dash FREE Ice Cream Dash FREE
Galaxy One Studios
3.1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
360 Valutazioni
Welcome to Ice Cream Dash - run an ice cream parlour and make ice creams for your customers! Like making icecreams and running a shop? This game is for you! By making various (...)
TiltMe - palla labirinto TiltMe - palla labirinto
1.0.5 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
171 Valutazioni
TiltMe è un gioco di labirinto fisica basata, in cui gli utenti devono navigare una palla attraverso un labirinto, evitando qualsiasi dato ostacoli nel loro cammino. Riesci a bilanciare il (...)
Socks Socks
Retro Dreamer
1.0.2 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
771 Valutazioni
Where do all the socks go? Why can we never find a matching pair? Socks doesn't solve these mysteries, but it does let you play with socks that match. Drag the washing lines from (...)
Meme Runner Meme Runner
1.2.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
4 Valutazioni
Run, jump and slide your way through obstacles like a sir! Extremely fun and easy to play: - Tap on the right side of the screen to jump - Tap on the left side of the Screen to slide. A (...)
Wizard's Choice Volume 4 Wizard's Choice Volume 4
Delight Games
2.6 USD 2,99
0 ×
0 Valutazioni
141 Valutazioni
The fourth installment of the Wizard’s Choice series picks up where volume 3 left off. As a spell casting vampire, you are a power to be reckoned with; however, your enemies are more (...)
BriqBreak BriqBreak
1.5.5 gratuito 2 ×
1 Valutazione
2.248 Valutazioni
Il classico gioco in cui si rompono i mattoni. Usa la racchetta per colpire la pallina e rompere i mattoni. La tua missione consiste nel rimuovere tutti i mattoni abbattibili colpendoli con la (...)
Christmas DockBlox Free EN Christmas DockBlox Free EN
Interactive Exchange Company PL
3.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
This is a game carrying a lot of positive power and happy element. Xmas is coming, Silence really want to speared these power and happy out during this Xmas. So help Silence collect (...)
Kids Draw Kids Draw
23.0 USD 0,81
1 ×
0 Valutazioni
1 Valutazione
There are similar drawing and painting apps for young kids in the Market but my published version commands are purposely created to be as intuitive as possible so that young kids can (...)
Bubble Tea Pop Bubble Tea Pop
Moms Mobile Apps
1.0.3 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
6 Valutazioni
Pop pop pop: YOU WIN! This family-friendly game let's you create a colorful bubble tea drink and then pop the bubbles to win a variety of delightful prizes. And there's more.. as your (...)
Gioco da colorare principessa Gioco da colorare principessa
Eda's Coloring Games
1.1.0 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
308 Valutazioni
Felice principessa coloring book gioco è un facile utilizzo libro da colorare gioco per i vostri bambini. Ci sono diverse immagini della principessa e sviluppa le abilità da colorare per (...)
Spin Bottle Game Spin Bottle Game
0.1 gratuito 0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
Spin Bottle Game Spin the bottle and do what the message tells you! Enjoy the game!
蹴球問答‐サッカー雑学クイズ クイズdeアプリ 蹴球問答‐サッカー雑学クイズ クイズdeアプリ
1.1 USD 1,50
0 ×
0 Valutazioni
0 Valutazioni
クイズdeアプリシリーズ 蹴球問答‐サッカー雑学クイズ このアプリでサッカー雑学が本格的に学習できます。 全問題、解説付き! 【問題カテゴリー】 ・全ての問題 ・日本編 ・世界編 ・ブランクワード 【収録問題数】200問 (...)
廃校の七不思議 廃校の七不思議
1.1.0 USD 1,00
0 ×
0 Valutazioni
34 Valutazioni
デザインスタジオ「土塊」ホラーアドベンチャーシリーズ この世には、開らいてはならない扉がある 次々とホラーゲームをリリースする「土塊ホラーシリーズ」の最新作! ある小学校に通う「佐藤 希夢(さとう (...)
Episode - Choose Your Story Episode - Choose Your Story
Episode Interactive
1.22.7+g gratuito 7 ×
0 Valutazioni
27.055 Valutazioni
Welcome to Episode: your home for interactive, visual stories, where as the player YOU choose what path your character takes! Explore our wide catalog of stories in any of your (...)
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