Samsung Galaxy S5 — How to Recover Data from Broken Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

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13 gen 2017, 09:19:04 Tramite pagina web

When drop your Samsung S4 and break the screen, how to copy off the the contacts, messages, photos, etc. from it. Thanks to Dr.Fone for Android, you can solve this problem at ease. Just enter the download mode on your phone and then the program will scan and present all the data for you.

Also works with other Samsung mobiles:
Galaxy S: S5 / S5 mini, S6 / S6 Edge;
Galaxy Note: Note5, Note 4, Note Edge;
Other Galaxy: E5, J3, J7, Grand Prime, etc.

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8 apr 2017, 19:55:40 Tramite pagina web

Thanks , grazie , merci, gracias .Isho


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6 set 2018, 10:10:05 Tramite pagina web

Broken samsung data recovery software can help us Recover Data from Broken Samsung Galaxy S4. Usually, data like contacts, text messages, videos, photos, call logs, etc can be easily recovered to pc.

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