Cavalli da Colorare per Adulti

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17-lug-2017 4.18.40 Tramite pagina web

Those horses seem different from the fact. But, it is a wonderful app to develop the imagination about color. I think it's good for everyone to relax.
But the horses don't seem friendly with people. Can you introduce other animals what friendly to people?

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17-lug-2017 8.59.11 Tramite pagina web

Weird horses? It's art :D
Anyway, here's other animals for coloring. Hope you will like some of them, and if you have any idea what coloring book we can make, let me know please!

Dog Coloring Pages for Adults
Adult Butterfly Coloring Pages
Animal Coloring Pages
Cat Coloring Pages for Adults
Adult Dinosaur Coloring Pages

And besides animals, you can relax coloring

Alphabet Coloring Pages
Magic Mandalas: Coloring Pages
Mandala Coloring Pages

Have a nice time! Enjoy! ;)

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18-lug-2017 4.37.11 Tramite pagina web

Yes, it's art. But, my child when to use them can understand wrong about horses and life. But, about people over 10 ages. They can use that app. Right?
Oh, description of those apps isn't English. Are they English version? Although my child can use many apps what have other languages, I want to English version for them to learn and play.
Can you introduce any app to learn paint? My son has many good pictures what he paints. so, I want to find many apps about paint for him.

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18-lug-2017 8.37.43 Tramite pagina web

Yes, descriptions are in English, they can seem written by Vietnamese only if you use google translate ;)
and, don't know any app to learn paint :)