Huawei Ascend P7 — Transfer Data from Huawei to New iPhone X

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22 set 2017, 11:18:32 Tramite pagina web

If you've switched from Huawei Android phone to a new iPhone X, you may be concerned about transferring all your data - music, photos, videos, contacts, calendar and so on. With this MobileTrans you can easily transfer data from Huawei to iPhone X.

Moreover, this MobileTrans works with all Huawei Android phones like: Huawei P10 / P10 Plus, Huawei P9 / P9 Plus, Huawei Mate9, Huawei Mate8 and more.

Lorenzo Del Bello

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24 gen 2018, 10:22:44 Tramite pagina web

Nice sharing. After switching from Huawei to new iPhone X, you can use mobile phone transfer program to help you transfer data between them. Such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call logs and so on.

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05 nov 2018, 06:51:43 Tramite pagina web

This Phone Transfer software allows you to easily and directly transfer files from Huawei to New iPhone X. With this software, you are free to directly copy Huawei files to iPhone without a third-party tool. Various files can be supported, including contacts and eBooks (PDFs and ePubs). And this software is quite easy-to-use!

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06 nov 2018, 06:55:56 Tramite pagina web

We can realize the data transfer from Huawei Android phone to iPhone by using a professional Huawei to iPhone Transfer. It is a cool and reliable service that allows users to effortlessly transfer content from Android Huawei mobiles to iPhones without any glitch or difficulty. The users can seamlessly get all or selective content between the two operating systems and can do so repeatedly.

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