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È adorabile e facile da giocare. Unisci i Puntini è uno dei più coinvolgenti giochi punti! Traccia la linea veloce dal punto al punto, e ottieni i migliori risultati! Scarica Unisci i Puntini, e condividi il tuo entusiasmo per collegare i punti!

Scarica: Unisci i Puntini

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well, it's a good app. I have an app to play with Dots and can learn and exercise your brain. You and your child can play.
Connect Dots

It's a riddle dots connect that will exercise your brain with connecting puzzle in which you need to draw a line with "One touch" to connect dots. It is one of the best Spartan mind game brain dots number puzzle game. Make a smart move and let logic flow to find the path.Connect Dots will take a full test of your brain.There are multiple solutions to find the path. Can you find the best?For each level, there is a hint.Show your solution to your friend by clicking on the share button.

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