Smart Note -a SimpleNote or fast notepad

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Smart Note -a SimpleNote or fast notepad
Easy writing notes: take note let us good, also let us success, but often we are tied by notes app, the problem is common notes app or notes tool, have left people function monotonous, content boring, time-consuming impression, The Smart Note is a simple note that simple operation, rich in content, powerful in function.
Smart Note -a SimpleNote or fast notepad
fast retrieval note: note something for using it again in the future, The Smart Note can not only query fast notes by the keyword, but also provides the latitude filtering, Keyword query function retrieve the result of notes dynamically, and latitude filtering function (including but not limited to time, category and types of latitude) can find the notes you want, but you maybe have forgotten the content .
Smart Note -a SimpleNote or fast notepad
Simplify note: The Smart Note not only pursue the note content to be organized, but also pay great attention to the notes of Naturalness, like a paper notebook real, kind, and also like a computer powerful and simple to write down the note, simple to take photo or select pictures, simple to draw picture or doodle ,simple to set reminder for memo and of course simple to edit picture and text mixed content.

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Cute Note - DDay Todo
Cute Note is a simple notepad, Todo app. You can record fun in a variety of designs and characters in Notepad to enter every day.
Cute Note - DDay Todo
- Variety character notepad
- Note (Memo) / Todo list
- In the widget easily record from the home screen
- Widget of transparency adjustable
- Save in Folders
- Sorting function
- Variety font size
- The status bar Notification
- Facebook sharing the contents of the other apps
- You can change the layout of the home screen